Monday, June 23, 2008

Well it happened!

So we have been married for two weeks!  We also have a new blog so I will no longer be updating this one, the new one is:
Hope that you enjoy the new blog!  

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Seven Days...

There is only one week until the wedding! Okay but moving on to what I have done the last week or so. Last weekend Phil came up with me on Thursday to do some landscape type stuff for Mom and Dad. He ripped a bunch of bushes, a tree, transplanted a tree, put ferns in, planted bushes, put down stuff to stop weeds and finally mulched. It looks great. Once we finally finished on Saturday afternoon we picked up some carry-out and watched X-Men: The Last Stand. Later on Monica and Kim Grubbs came over and had a bonfire with Mom and Dad so we went out there for a long time. I slept through most of it. I was tired...and I didn't even do that much of the work! I took Phil back down to Muncie on Sunday morning and we went to church there. After church we had Break-the-Fast with the YSA, which was my last real activity with the group. Yesterday I went with Mom, Grandma Lich, and Grandma Horn on the last breakfast club/shopping trip of my single life. It was fun to spend time with everyone. Then once we got back into town I went to mow lawn for both of them to more than refund my shopping trip! So here is an explanation of the pictures. The one on the right is of a third of the bed that Phil worked on and the picture of the flower stone thing is Mom's Mother's Day present from Matt and Tashina. I just wanted to show you that Mom is using the gift that you got her...Well only 7 more days to wait! Can you tell I am excited?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Muncie, Museums and Temples...Oh My!

It has been a very busy past few days with all the driving and special events that are happening lately! It all began on Tuesday when I drove down to Muncie with Mom to pick-up Phil and headed over to Indy to meet Tashina and the Girls for lunch. After lunch parted ways and I went to the Indiana State Museum with Phil while Mom, Tashina and the Girls went to the Children's Museum. After all the fun at the museums we all went to Matt and Tashina's house in Plainfield to spend the night for the early departure in the morning! We drove down to Edinburgh to meet up with Phil's Mom and his brother Thomas and headed off to Louisville to the Temple. We got there with plenty of time even with the various set-backs of the day which made it the first time I have ever been on time for the anything at the Temple! Afterwards we had a very long drive all the way up to Warsaw. We made a whole bunch of little stops on the way home to make it a little more tolerable.

Kim & Phil in the State Museum

Kim, Phil, Thomas (Phil's brother), and Joann (Phil's Mom)

Jackie (Kim's Mom) and Kim

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Busy, Busy...

It has been a long time since I have last updated! Things are going pretty much as planned...Okay not really, but when do plans ever really work out? So here is a quick update, Phil is in Muncie, Kim is in Warsaw...The wedding is sneaking up very very slowly...Things are beginning to take shape as far as plans go, and it is beginnning to become real! Until this time it was so far away in the future that it seemed like it would never get here but now it is less than an Advent Calender away! I worked a couple of days last week at Zale Drugs where I worked during High School but I'm not in the Pharmacy anymore, which I miss a lot, I hope to get my Pharmacy Tech License this summer but I have to take a big test with loads of chemistry and other such nasty things on it! I have been working on my not-so-new new bike! Monica, a friend of Mom's, was getting rid of it so I asked her if I could take it off her hands. When I got started on it there was a child seat on the back and coated in dirt, I took off the sit and fixed it all up by myself! No help! I also put on a pretty awesome bell so I can say hi to everyone on campus! As you can tell I am really excited about the bike. This weekend I had the bridal shower in Indy at Aunt Kate's house. It was great to have all of my family see each other again and meet Phil's Mom and Sarah. The weekend was super fun but I wish it only lasted longer! Weekends just aren't long enough sometimes!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Finals Finale

I Love Finals Week! Okay so it sounds a tad bit strange, but it is the truth. I can't stand the tests and such but it is the fact that I don't have classes everyday and Phil doesn't work! I am finished with two of my finals, Geography and Education and I found out today that I don't need to take my Biology final. So only two more to go, Communication and History! Well the main highlights of the week have been spending time with Phil. We found a place to live for the beginning of next semester for fairly cheap and it is going to help out some friends as well. Yesterday we had a day of sports with the missionaries and the YSA for a couple of hours. Then I went to a Relief Society event about communication in the family. This morning Phil had another Traditional Horn Breakfast. This time it was Coco Wheats! He even liked them. I am a little sad though because he eats them like Mom, with milk on them, yuck! But to each his own... I think that he has now had all the the real Horn breakfasts now that I can think of, now it is time to work on the other Horn foods like Cranberry Crunchy Crap, Hashbrown Casserole, Cornbread Casserole, Twinkie Cake and all the others! I am getting hungry just thinking about them all! The week is going well here in the Marvelous Muncie Metropolis!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wander Indiana...

So if you were wondering about the wandering in the title it is because of the enormous amount of driving this weekend. But it was all worth it...
On Friday Phil had an undergraduate research conference at Butler University in Indianapolis where he presented a paper on modern-day slavery. That morning we met up at 6.30 to have breakfast together before I had to take him to met up with the others that were going, too. I dropped him off for that then went to my one and only class on Fridays at 8am. After I finished with Geography I jumped in my car and had a nice drive to Indy(it was nice because there weren't many cars and I had my MP3 player). I met up with Phil once he was finished with his paper and we then drove down to Batesville to visit his family, including his sister and nephew, Amanda and Robert. It was nice to meet a bit more of Phil's family. Once I meet Phil's brother Robert (who is on a mission) I will have met all of the Call family. Well we stayed in Batesville for the evening and kicked around there for a bit, then took the long drive up to Plainfield to meet up with all my family for the weekend. We all met up for the annual Race for a Cure in downtown Indianapolis, except the only person who actually did it was Phil. Matt was going to run it with him but he chickened out in the end. I was going to walk it with my parents and Tashina and the girls, but it was raining and we didn't want the girls to get wet and sick again. So we just walked around the area while Phil finished the race. We stayed in Indy until that evening and hurried back to Muncie for an appointment with the missionaries. It was a fun time. Well as you can tell we sure did wander Indiana last weekend with all the driving and such. But it was a great time before the huge push before finals. This is the week before finals so this is when all the papers and projects are due. So personally this is worse than actual finals week!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Conference Weekend Chaos

Okay so as the title pretty much tells you this weekend was super duper crazy! Friday afternoon we drove down to the Louisville Temple with the YSA. It is about a three hour drive from Muncie, but it was worth it. That night we stayed with Phil's parents in Batesville, which is right in between Louisville and Muncie so it worked out really well to stay there because we were able to see them and not drive the entire three hours in one night! Then on Saturday we had a baptism right before general conference for our friend Rachael Linn. During the break between sessions we went on a picnic lunch to Minnetrista. Then after the second session on Saturday we made pizza at Phil's house before he went to the Priesthood Session. While he was doing that I went on a run with my roommate and her sister, which lasted for about an hour. We Phil finished with that we walked to campus to eat some free pizza from Late Nite, then decided to climb a tree! Random, I know. Sunday morning I went to Phil's house and we made some pancakes together for breakfast. Between conference sessions we had a potluck with YSA and went on a little stroll with the Gebs before the next session. Then after the last session we went on a really long walk to enjoy the wonderful weather we have had lately! While we were walking we ran into Jared and Emily. She decided to take a picture of us. So enjoy!